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Brewing the Perfect Cup

Time and Temperature

Whether you prefer your tea bagged or loose, always start with freshly drawn cold water. If using a teapot, warm the inside first with hot water, then pour it out. And, of course, make sure your mugs, teapot and kettle are clean as a whistle.

Tea Bags

Bring water to a boil*, and pour over the tea as soon as it reaches boiling. Over-boiling will cause oxygen to be reduced, making the tea taste 'flat'. Use 1 tea bag per cup, or 1 teaspoon of loose tea per cup (6 oz.). Steep the tea for the required time as indicated on the chart to the right.

Never judge tea by its colour. Colour comes more quickly, but flavour takes a bit longer to develop. Allow the correct steeping time to fully extract the best flavour. Adjust the amount of tea you use and the steeping time to your taste. "The best tea to drink is the tea that you drink."

*For optimum tea flavour, we recommend you refrain from using a microwave to boil your water.

Loose Tea

Prepare loose tea by placing 1-2 teaspoons of loose tea into a tea strainer, put the strainer into your cup, then pour properly heated water directly over the leaves. If using a teapot, measure 1-2 teaspoons per 8oz of water.

Recommended Brew Times

Tea Type Brew Time
Black Tea 4 minutes
Chai Tea 5 minutes
Green Tea 2 minutes
Herbal Tea 4 minutes
Red Tea 4 minutes
Oolong Tea 3 minutes
White Tea 2 minutes
Cold Brewed Iced Tea 5 minutes

For milder tea flavour, shorten brew time.
For stronger tea flavour, increase brewing time.

While milk and sugar is a matter of personal ltaste,
we find that some of our blends are enhanced with a
little added sweetness or creaminess. When adding
milk, pour it into the cup before adding your tea.
This allows the milk to cool the tea, rather than letting
the tea heat the milk.

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